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VSCode Extension

The VSCode extension for Vedro is currently in its alpha version, designed to enhance the functionality of the Vedro testing framework within the Visual Studio Code environment.


You can install the Vedro extension using either of the following methods:

  1. From the Marketplace: Visit the extension page on the Visual Studio Code Marketplace and click "Install" to add it directly from there.
  2. From VSCode: Navigate to View -> Extensions in the VSCode menu. Search for "Vedro" in the marketplace, then click the "Install" button.


Once installed, the Vedro extension simplifies the execution of scenarios within your workspace. To initiate the execution process, click the green triangle icon next to the Scenario declaration.


To customize the behavior of the Vedro extension, adjust its settings within Visual Studio Code:

  1. Run Options: Configure options for the vedro run command, such as --dry-run, by modifying the Run Options setting.
  2. Test Root: Specify the root directory for your tests, relative to the project root, using the Test Root setting.